Shattered Dreams
Bundle of Zombies

Start shooting on Monday.

Paperwork is done. Just a couple of little things to sort out. 

Quirky gave me some old clothes to zombify. That’ll be fun. 

The location is perfect. Even better than I remembered so that’s great. 

But, then this is it. My last student film. 

Day after we finish shooting mine we put on our professional hats and do a shoot for a government department. Do this well and …. never know where it will lead. 

Ah film, how I love thee. 

My final project in my Advanced Diploma. I’m taking the Bundle of Sticks Fable and adapting it… adding in zombies the result being the short film ‘Bundle of Zombies.’

It’s going to be part of a feature. My whole class have taken a fable or fairy tale and adapted it. Good times!

The first thing I made for my advanced diploma at film school. 


Went to the sex worker rally today.

By far my favourite chant: “1 2 3 4 Boost the ecomony and hire a whore!”

I learnt a lot today - really interesting stuff.

We had one sex worker who I’d told that in the doco I wanted to show that ‘sex workers are people too’ invite us to come film her home. Gave us her phone number and everything to organise it.

Got on the bus on the way home and she was on there (which was quite funny seeing it was like an hour or two after everyone had dispersed).

But, I think the doco is going to turn out to be interesting. Talking to the guy I’m interviewing for the doco he asked if we’d shoot the fashion show they’re going to be doing… ironically the clothes are all going to be from one of my dearest friends store. (I credit myself in part for that coming into existance. She had a dream and I said go for it. Quit your job and just go for it. She did.)

I’m also 2nd AD/continuity on a short that’s being made here soon… so pretty stoked about that. Need to keep networking and need to get to know more and more people. Adelaide’s so small. Everyone knows everyone. Or at least knows someone who knows everyone (I know two of those people.)

Next year I want to look into getting some funding and get some stuff off the ground. I really want to look into a longer doco on sex work looking into different aspects of it. (10-15 mins isn’t really enough for what I want to do.)

Anyhoo, watch this space. One day I shall share here too.

Psst. I’m Aussie.

Yes, I do have that hawt accent everyone adores.

However, I have never thrown a shrimp on the barbie - where did that even come from?

So both the rapture and the raptor invasion didn’t happen.

I was so absorbed in watching Pirates 3 that I completely forgot the world was meant to have turned to fire and brimestone.

I am addicted to the Virtual villages games. Well, I play them through once and then forget about them… but I just saw #4 was out so I’m trying to discover all the secrets.

I have so much to do today. I was going to go join the gym but I’m still a bit miffed that they shut at 2 on the weekends. But, they have a swimming pool. 24 hour gym with no swimming pool vs one that shuts at 2 on weekends with a swimming pool.My gym (I go and then someone decides they want to go with me so I start going with them and then they stop… so I stop and I keep paying anyway…) as I like to call it… also has a heap of classes and is just around the corner from my place pretty much.

I’m at a weight I haven’t been in a long time (and I’m not one of those skinny people going oh my god I’m like a whole 100grams over weight I’m so fat!) and I never want to go back up to the weight I was originally.

I have polycystic ovaries which comes with the added bonus of insulin resistance. YAY ME. I’m not trying to concieve and there are so few support forums out there for people who aren’t trying to have a kid with this syndrome.

Anyway, enough ranting. I need to go see if the outside world did get affected by the raptors and I just haven’t seen coz I haven’t been out yet.

So this is Tumblr

I tend to resist things until I have a reason (or find a free app on the iphone.) 

Tumblr became a reason, and then I saw there was a free app so it became irresistable.

I am a film maker. Sounds strange saying that. After the end of the year it won’t, as I won’t feel guilty for not adding the word “student” in there. 

I’m in the process of editing up a commercial for my friends clothing store. I had the first interview for the sex workers doco I’m working on today. And, at the end of the year we’ll have made a feature. 

It’s a great group of people at MAPS. You can see what we’ve been up to. I produced 4… and this year I can really get started on my own stuff. See about really launching my own career. 

I’m also thinking about doing that 365 photos project… but just from the iphone and just posting to here. I have no idea what I’ll take photos of and if they’ll be good bad or indifferent but… we’ve gotta start somewhere.